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Find out the CX Technology our CXperts are constantly updated with  to be able to strategize with businesses in delivering a remarkable customer experience.


Executive Vice President, Partner Performance

Chief Technology Officer

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Jason is a contact center veteran and serial entrepreneur. He has built several domestic centers and focuses on lead generation and business development. His expertise in setting up your company for success in growth and revenue generation is a key value that our customers look for.


Steve Eveland

Chairman of the Board

Steve heads the Board and provides vast experience in contact center operations, vendor management, and sales. His rich experience running thousand seater operations across multiple geographies provide CXGP with a rich source of expertise. This particularly holds true in service delivery, CX strategy, and customer engagement. 

With a combined 160 years of successful experience in the CX space you can be assured that your CX strategy and execution are in great hands. Our founders possess a multitude of expertise in various areas of CX. This spans business development, operations, service delivery, process improvement, technology, and performance management.

Colum o'Donovan

Chief Revenue Officer

Jason Siefken

Chief Finance Officer

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Paul Trulli

Chief Operations Officer

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The CXperts

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