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Mitch C. Galutera

Founder | Techpreneur | CX Evangelist | Six Sigma Black Belt

Mitch started his CX journey at the very core of things, as a contact center agent interacting with customers. He assisted Dell customers with technical concerns on their computers. The interactions he would have with these customers combined with the leadership experience he would embark on over the next 19 years would make him aware of how things can be done better. The realization that customer experience went beyond the interaction customer support gets. That upon reaching that point, you were reactive and trying hard to win the customer's confidence back.

After a stellar rise that saw him grow from frontline agent to operations manager to account manager and to a mini-CEO overseeing a call center site of 3500 agents, he got bit by the startup bug. 

He founded and established the Asia-Pacific operations and sales delivery center for NICE inContact as the President and Managing Director for their Philippine entity. Part of the revolutionary team that ushered in Software as a Service as a viable option to replace lumbering premise-based hardware for contact centers. This environment would serve as a sandbox for him to pursue entrepreneurial ambitions.

This manifested when he founded and grew Spencer Solutions and Consultancy as its Chief Executive Officer in 2014. Taking incredible risks to a vision of bringing world-class contact center service delivery to the grassroots into the province of La Union as the first major contact center in the area.

After a successful exit and a stint back in the corporate contact center environment, Mitch would again take on the entrepreneurial stage this time with a completely new business model. Utilizing his experience and process improvement master, he established B&G Solutions to help companies build a shared services center in the Philippines. Working on a Build, Operate, Transfer model, Mitch would go on to successfully establish 5 major delivery centers and be responsible for 4000 seats and cost savings of up to $350M in the course of 3 years. 

Mitch now takes his combined expertise and experience along with likeminded co-founders in 2020 to form cXpert Global Partners. The company, based in the United States, is a CX Integrator that leverages relationships with CX providers with companies that need to supercharge their CX strategies. Mitch currently oversees the technical partnerships by mapping the roadmap and vetting technical partners for CX solutions. He also oversees the performance of all CX partners in terms of service delivery, cost savings, customer retention, and revenue generation for cXGP's valued customer base.

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